Is it right for Nigeria to sell power to Burkina Faso when it hasn’t corrected its own power problem?

The question above is what Nigerians are asking themselves after it emerged that the country would soon be selling power to Burkina Faso, a fellow African country.

Nigerians are asking: when will charity begin at home?

Ghana which is enjoying more stable power than Nigeria actually depends a lot on Nigeria for gas for its power plants.

This particular deal with Nurkina Faso can be excused, since it is private sector driven (by the concessionaire of Kainji Dam). But the Nigerian government should remember that until it gets power supply to Nigeria right the country’s economy won’t grow at full potential.

Nations Cup hosting: CAF takes it away from Cameroun

Reports reaching us indicate that the Confederation of African Football – CAF has barred Cameroun from hosting the upcoming African Cup of Nations. Details later…

GT Bank should pay more attention to cyber security

The amount of complaints about GTBank ATM cards being hacked by cyber criminals and used to defraud depositors is becoming alarming.

GT Bank, do something about it. Protect your reputation. Beef up your cyber security department.

See how Donovan Nelson honoured the Igbos of Igbolanding who held the first civil rights protest in the US

Jamaican artist, Donovan Nelson’s has created some must-see illustrations paying tribute to the event Igbos who died at Igbolanding.

We go with the account of History Of The Igbo World, which says the Igbos were forced into the sea by frightened slave owners who were shocked at their boldness to protest peacefully against slavery.
The Igbos who were led by one of their traditional rulers titled Oba, were protesting against slavery in the US in that morning of 1403.

See the illustrations here.

Watch this video about people’s views on the abolition of Osu caste system in Igbo Land

The Osu caste system has no doubt been a moral burden on the Igbo. But with the Igwes (kings) of Igbo land determined to abolish it, the Igbos are definitely going higher.

In the video in this link, people talk about the Osu caste system as it is about to be abolished. Watch.