Wike Appoints Joseph Yobo As Special Assistant On Sports Development 

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Oops! Finland War Games Mistaken For Military Invasion (Did they think it was Putin?)

Finland’s armed forces caused alarm on one of the country’s own islands when an after-dark training exercise was mistaken for a real invasion, it’s reported.

Kamsholmen island resident Bjarne Winberg watched as a large boat docked near his house and unloaded a group of uniformed men carrying rucksacks and what looked like guns, the Ilta-Sanomat newspaper reports.

When the group headed into the forest, Mr Winberg quickly hopped into his own boat, fled the island and called the emergency services. Ghen ghen!See what happened next: Finland military exercise mistaken for invasion – BBC News 

Ha ha.The fellow may have though it was Putin’s boys paying Finland a little visit.

5 Tips That May Help You Avoid SACK In This Economic Period

Know your Boss: Office politics is no longer news. During recession, heads of departments usually submit names of people who they feel can’t be part of the firm again. And in most cases, competence is not called into play.

Most times, it is a question of “Who does Oga like”. So I suggest you know what makes your boss happy, if producing results is the way, Do It!!If eye service is the way, Do It!!If Buying him drink during weekends is the way, Do It!!.. Just know the way to his heart…

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What?! Lionel Messi Faces Jail Term In Spain

Lionel MessiLionel Messi may be the best player of all time to many but some Spanish tax officials are intent on sending him to jail over tax issues his lawyers say he never knew anything about. That won’t be fair to him, would it? 

How did he get his head stuck in there in the first place?

Man’s head stuck inside washing machine. As in, he couldn’t retrieve his head. What was he thinking? The other day, a woman went in between 2 walls to retrieve something that fell in there, and also got stuck there.