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The above question was asked about Turkey on Quora.

And while some users thought it was possible, others thought it wasn’t.

A user who thinks it is possible wrote: 

Turkey was a super power earlier in the world. The Ottoman Empire was the super power. The British broken it by the 1st World War.

There is a tiny way out for Turkey to become a super power.

But another user who thinks the Eurasian country can’t dropped this submission below.

‏A common joke is: Yes, Turkey will rule the world by 2100.

Earth’s ecology will collapse, every other nation will have conquered the stars, and we will be the only one left behind…

Some Observations

Turkey has definitely been pulling its weight in the Middle East.

The European Union depends on Ankara to keep lots of migrants out of it.

And in fact, the EU is in agreement to pay Turkey billions of dollars for this purpose.

It is in a troika with Iran and Russia, that are credited with keeping Assad in Syria.

Turkey is in the G20 group of global economies.

But concerns have still been expressed about its currency, the Lira.

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