Why You Should Buy My Kindle Book: It Will Show You Hidden Igbo History

I have a kindle ebook that tells everything I have found out about Igbo history. There is a lot that is being hidden, a lot of achievements Igbos have made. That is why I titled the book, ‘History Of The Igbo World. It is a must read for anyone proud of being Igbo.

If you want to see reasons why you should be proud of the Igbos, buy that kindle ebook. Do you know that 80% of Afro Americans from The US, Haiti, Jamaica, Brazil, etc are of Igbo origine?

Do you know that the Igbos are an ancient civilization like the Chinese?

Do you know that in the 10th century when countries like Britain were still trying to find their feet, the Igbos were already an organized civilization as seen in Igboukwu excavations?

Do you know that Igbos were the founders of Ile Ife, the land with the great bronze artworks?

Do you know that Jaja of Opobo, the Igbo founder of Opobo created an education system that the British said was as good as theirs?

What of the accusation by white supremacists that Igbos caused them to lose the American Civil War, what’s the story behind that?

If you buy History of The Igbo World, you will learn so much that will make you understand how great you are being Igbo.

Grab your copy before I increase the price.

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

Digital marketer and Marketing analyst