Balarabe Musa: Meet Nigeria’s poorest ex-governor (owns 3 mud houses)

Alhaji Balarabe Musa’s larger-than-life image looms over the political scene like a Colossus. But the former Governor of Kaduna State, ex Chief Accountant of the Broadcasting Company of Northern Nigeria(BCNN) and one of the first set of Chartered Accountants in Northern Nigeria has almost nothing in material sense to show for all his struggles to enthrone an egalitarian society. In this analysis, IBRAHEEM MUSA looks at Musa’s odyssey in the political terrain, the sacrifices he has made and the little he has in return

Perhaps, no past or serving governor has been as consistent, principled and focused to a cause as Alhaji Balarabe Musa, a former governor of old Kaduna State. In fact, the left wing politician and social crusader, has for over 38 years, been canvassing for a new social order in Nigeria.
In 1979, he was impeached as governor, but undaunted, he had continued soldiered on with his crusade.

The removal, rather than diminish Musa, burnished his image of incorruptibility. Consequently, when the military struck in 1983, he was given a clean bill of political health, while his traducers were sent to jail. In 1990, he joined the Social Democratic Party (SDP), a political party formed and funded by the then General Ibrahim Babangida regime. The party, by political inclination, was “a little to the left” and like a magnet, that phrase attracted the former governor.

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