What You Will Get From The Kindle Ebook ‘Equianoism The Master Key To Extraordinary Success’

What Is Equianoism? Equianoism is the Cultural Success Gene that is DOMINANT in many Igbo and Afro American people–our research shows that Afro Americans, as a whole including the ones from the US are of 75% Igbo origin. This success gene enables them to achieve the kind of extraordinary successes I have described below.

What I Discovered From My Research About This Success Gene: In my research I discovered that while this gene was dominant in some Igbos and Afro Americans, it was recessive in others, and absent in Non Igbos and Non Afro Americans. Among the Afro Americans, some of them who weren’t of Igbo cultural heritage were able to soak it in by cultural osmosis from associating closely with the Afro Americans of Igbo origin, others through the intermarriage with them- but just like the main population, not many could do so in any given generation.

The task which I gave myself was to find out a way anyone could do what I describe as cultural genetic engineering in which they can add the Equianoism success DNA into their gene of greatness.

Why I Am Giving These Techniques Out To The World: I am doing so because I believe that Equianoism should be for everyone, just as the Irish potato is not just for the enjoyment of the Irish; just as Chinese melons are not just meant for the enjoyment of the Chinese; just as Champagne is not just meant to be enjoyed by the people of the Champagne Region in France but by everyone.

Be sure of One Thing: This book will demystify one of the greatest success techniques the world has ever known, and help you succeed extraordinarily, whether your aim is to make the history books or to just have Extraordinary success in your everyday Life. You are about to receive the Master Key to Extraordinary success, not just success, but (I repeat) Extraordinary Success.

Extraordinary Success is the kind of success that goes beyond the ordinary, the kind of success that makes people ask, ‘How did he/she do it’? I’m talking about the kind of success that you seem to have pulled off from nowhere.

This book will reveal to you the technique the Black Seminoles of the US used to: win their own part of the Second Seminole War against the mighty US Army despite being untrained, unequipped and outnumbered 13 to 1; Become the first Black community to win their freedom from slavery in the US (25 years before President Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation); Provide Abraham Lincoln with the legal precedent he needed to issue the Emancipation Proclamation that abolished slavery entirely in the US); Hand the mighty, world-beating US Army a non-victory (the only Non victory the US Army has ever had on US soil. This book will unveil and demystify Equianoism, The secret weapon the Black Seminoles used to achieve victory so that you can use it to succeed exceedingly in your personal life.

This book will reveal to you the technique the People of Haiti used to: defeat the mighty Army of Napoleon Bonaparte of France the greatest General of his time, the largest ever British Expeditionary Force and the equally formidable Force of the Spanish Empire in 4 wars to gain their freedom from slavery and colonialism; indirectly Doubling the size of the United States, thereby ensuring that no European Empire could ever again dominate it, and partnering with Simon Bolivar to successfully liberate South America (a Whole Continent) from slavery and colonialism.

This book will reveal to you the technique a group of Igbo VCR traders used to start up and then transform a cottage movie industry into the world’s number 3 (now number 2) film industry worth Billions of Dollars within 15 years without having access to cinemas or million dollar bank loans. They had only Equianoism, and that is what they used.

This book will reveal to you much more…

It is a do-it-yourself guide on how to insert the Equianoism Success Gene Into The DNA Of Your Destiny, And Make It Active And Not Recessive. The Master Key Is Now In Your Fingertips. Take it and use it buy buying this book – just $9.99, which is too cheap a price for a book that is guaranteed to give yo the master key to extraordinary success.

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By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

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