Watch: 25th coronation anniversary of the of Haile Selassie, last Emperor Of Ethiopia

Haile Selassie was the last Emperor of Ethiopia, an ancient country that currently hosts the hq of the African Union. Remember the Queen of Sheba in the Bible? Or the Eunoch that spoke to Saint Stephen?

They were said to have come from Ethiopia. Also, Emperor Ezeana who is believed to have come from Igbo was also a ruler there.

But Haile Selassie was the last monarchical ruler of Ethiopia, which defeated imperialist Italians at the Battle of Adowa under Emperor Menelik.

Anyway, before I try to cram in centuries of Ethiopian history into one paragraph, I present you with the 25th coronation anniversary of the last Emperor of Ethiopia. It was an occasion filled with royal pomp and circumstance. Watch.

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

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