The Zikists And The IPOBs Fight Over The Political Soul Of The Igbos

The Zikists want to give Nigeria another chance, but the IPOBs want the Igbos to leave Nigeria for an independent Biafra. Both sides try to lure each other in a struggle for supremacy. Which side will win over the majority of Ndigbo?

The Zikists respect Zik and Ojukwu, but the IPOBS respect only Ojukwu, and only agree to his stance before and during the civil war. They disagree with his later-day Biafra-of-the-mind and want an independent Biafra.

There is a current struggle for the soul of Igbo politics between both groups, as can be seen by the lively debates they have on social media over the so called October 1 quit notice and referendum. Today, almost every Igbo active on and off social media belongs to one of the two camps.

The IPOBs say the Igbos are marginalized in Nigeria, which is true, and that is why they have a huge and growing following among the Igbos. But if the government and people of Nigeria can help the Zikists show the Igbo majority that there can still be reconciliation and fairplay, they will be able to win over the Igbo majority to agree fully to a united Nigeria, removing the cloud of uncertainty that hangs over the most populous black country in the world.

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