The hopeless state of Nigeria

Everything is going from bad to worse in Nigeria. Because the US dollar is so high, and we don’t export any other thing but oil, we are like an unemployed person that has no savings. Things get worse every day. The only thing we have for sure now is a thin sliver oof hope, nothing else. Our policy makers are just hoping that oil climbs back, that is their policy.

Nothing is certain anymore. If the second richest man in Nigeria can move from being a billionaire to being a millionaire within months, then what happens to the rest of us? What hope do we have?

They say we should go back to agriculture, that it requires little investment and crops can grow withing 3 months. But going back to agriculture is not safe, as herdsmen are still reported to be killing farmers-and cows eating up their crops. So, how will Nigeria recover? How will we diversify from oil when the very farmers that would have helped such are being killed in their farms?

The Federal Government has to sit up, because this ain’t funny no more! You need to see the bread that sells for N100 these days. By this time last 2 years that same size used to sell for N50! Our law makers have even abandoned their chambers to go outside and hustle, as shit just got real!

President Buhari, you need to make it safe for Nigerians to farm. You also need to give the herdsmen loan to buy land from willing sellers for ranches. Do it soon before famine things take ovr from hunger things. God forbid.

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By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

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