The Aniomas were the Igbo aborigines of Ile Ife

According to Yoruba history, before the arrival of the Yorubas in Ile Ife, and today’s Yorubaland, there was a pre-existing civilisation of Igbos in the region. But, of recent, some historians from Ugbo Kingdom, Ogun State, have been claiming that it was the present indigenes of Ugbo, rather than the present day Igbo people in Nigeria, who were the aborigins of Ile Ife.

One of the most interesting discoveries we recently made at, is the existence of a place called Ugboko Araba in Idimu-Igu, Delta State. This discovery lays further credence to our belief that today’s Anioma (Niger Delta Igbos) people are indeed the Igbos who were aboriginal to Ife and other parts of today’s Yorubaland.

From the preponderance of the place name Ugbo in Aniomaland, from Onitsha Ugbo Kingdom to Ugbokko Araba, it can be confirmed that the Anioma people are indeed the aborigins of Ile Ife and environs, who went there for an Ilu (official Equianoist mission from the Nri area) in times immemorial.
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