The Masquerades Of Umuoji, Igbo Land

Umuoji is a unique town in Igbo Land. It was formed by both Nri and Aro elements. It has both an Eze and an Igwe.

We brought you a list of the famous masquerades in their villages, including the famous Akwunechenyi, which is known as the biggest masquerade in Africa.

AKWUNECHENYI (Aboh village), EGBENU OBA (Anogu village), NYAKWULU (Aguma village), AGU (Agumaelum village), ENYI (Abidi village), …

Culture History

The Igbo Masquerade That Carries 45 Other Dancing Masquerades!

I ran across this eye-article about the famous Ijele masquerade and knew I must share it.

One thing I learnt is that Igbos tried to use masquerades to scare of people they consider invaders.

In Moremi’s time, the Igbos used masquerades to scare off the Yoruba who had displaced them from Ike Ife.