Is This Scariest Masquerade In Igbo Land?

Today, we bring you gist of Onyekulum masquerade one of the scariest masquerades in Igboland. It is believed to come from a strange forest in the midst of a river where no man, no matter how brave dares to enter, not even to fetch firewood. The forest is called Ofia Onyekulum. Onlike other Igbo masqueradesContinue reading “Is This Scariest Masquerade In Igbo Land?”

The Masquerades Of Umuoji, Igbo Land

Umuoji is a unique town in Igbo Land. It was formed by both Nri and Aro elements. It has both an Eze and an Igwe. We brought you a list of the famous masquerades in their villages, including the famous Akwunechenyi, which is known as the biggest masquerade in Africa. AKWUNECHENYI (Aboh village), EGBENU OBAContinue reading “The Masquerades Of Umuoji, Igbo Land”