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Coal: Nigeria Spends $12 Billion Per Year Fuelling Petrol Generators, Loses $29 Billion…

Nigeria has enough coal to give it stable electricity. But for reasons best described as political, the coal deposits aren’t exploited. As a result, the $400 billion economy spends $12 billion a year on fueling petrol generators.

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Darkenss Continues In The Land, When There Is Coal Lying Unused

As I type this piece, I look out the window, and there is pitch darkness everywhere, and it is very sad, because this darkness is unnecessary.

Why do I say it is unnecesary? Because if you ask the power ministry why we don’t have light, they will tell you that it is because they couldn’t get enough gas to power the power plants.

But a fact they keep conveniently ignoring, is that there is enough coal in Nigeria to give us electricity for the next 80 to hundred years.

So, why are they unwilling to create coal power plants? Is it because the biggest coal deposits in Nigeria are in Enugu? I don’t understand.

All the power ministry officials and their agents seem competent in doing are to send us crazy bills for electricity we didn’t consume.

The economy is getting worse, but instead of providing more electricity to reduce generator-fueling costs for small businesses scattered all over, PHCN is busy sending them bills for electricity they didn’t consume.  How short-sighted! How Kobo wise but Naira foolish can you be, PHCN and ministry in charge of PHCN?

What will you do if tomorrow those businesses close down because of high generator fueling costs, because you PHCN and your agents are completely undependable?

When you now go to paste your monthly bill, you find out they have closed, and nobody is rich enough to rent their place. That is when you people will realize how shortsighted you have been.

I say this because if the citizenry can no longer pay you bills, you will find it difficult to pay yourselves.

The way to start is to make sure you move to a more dependable source of energy like coal.


Seven Energy Is Developing Anambra LNG To Tap Huge Gas Deposits In The State 

OPLS 905, 907 & 917 are located in the Anambra basin region of Nigeria. The fields contain existing seismic evaluations and undeveloped gas discoveries and are located in a developed industrial part of Nigeria offering significant scope to develop a gas market for power and industrial usage.

Source: Seven Energy Is Developing Anambra LNG To Tap Huge Gas Deposits In The State – Politics – Nigeria