Igbide, An Igbo-Isoko Town

Igbide is a town situated in Isoko South Local Government Area of Delta State, Nigeria.

Origin From Mgbidi, Awka, Effurun

While some historians have it that the Igbide people originated from Mgbidi in Anambra State, Igboland, Nigeria, some more recent writers say the Igbide people originated from Awka, also in present day Anambra state with a blend of later immigrants from Uvwie (Effurun) in Delta State .

It is very possible the Igbide people originated from all three places.

Igbo Culture

The Igbo connection of the Igbide people can be observed in the dress and costume codes of the Igbides in festivals like ABAME, and the salutation sequence and chants as well as the mercantile nature of a typical Igbide man. (Remember the Igbos have been called the World’s largest business incubator.)

Owodokpokpo, a community in Igbide clan, is widely regarded as one of the main entry points of Christianity into Isokoland.

Igbide is also an oil producing community, and it hosts Shell’s Oroni oilfield.



Igbide is an example of Igbo-Isoko cultural cooperation. It should be a source of cultural strength to both the Igbos and the Isokos.

There are many communities in the Niger Delta that have this kind of historic cooperation between Igbos and their neighbours.

Aroh, for instance, is a conglomerate of Igbos and Ibibios. Bonny and Opobo are conglomerations of Igbo and Ijaw culture. Same as Okrika, Obama, etc.

These should be a source of strength to both Igbos and neighbouring ethnic groups.

Culture Igbo Content Video

Video: Ofalla Festival Ndi Enugu Ukwu

Ofalla Festivals are ceremonies where the Igwes of Igbo towns and their community members come together to celebrate his reign.

During ofalla festivals, indigenes of the town come from all over the world to celebrate. Enugu Ukwu is a popular community in Anambra State, Igboland, South Eastern Nigeria. Enugu Ukwu literately means ‘Up A Great Hill’.

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We hereby present the Igbo ofalla festival, Enugu Ukwu style. Let us continue promoting our wonderful culture as Igbos while uprooting any inhuman elements in it. Enjoy.

Culture History

Similarities Between Umuoji, Anambra State And Rumuoji, Rivers State

I don’t know about you, but I see a lot of similarities between the town of Umuoji in Anambra State and Rumuoji in Rivers State.

Something tells me that if you research the history of both towns, you will find even more similarities.

May God bless both Rivers ana Anambra States. Amen.

Have a great day, People. And stay safe!

Culture Generous Equianoism Generousity History

About Odinani Museum Which Contains Over 5000 Igbo Artifacts!

“It is more of an academic centre where you could study the origin of Igbo due to the display of relevant paraphernalia of ancient kings of Nri kingdom.

“This also informs how Ndigbo are contained with their democratic communal leadership and war tools in ancient days with over 5,000 artefacts.” –

General Overseer of Liberation Temple of Absolute God, Dr Ramas Asuzu

The idea of the Odinani Museum was conceived by an anthropologist, late Prof. Angulu Onwuejiogwu and British anthropologist Thomas Shaw over 70 years ago. 

The museum was renovated by a philanthropist, Engineer Charles Tabansi after an unfortunate period of collapse (Generous Equianoism).

Igbos in the US and other countries, please, whenever you visit Igbo Land, take a trip down to this site. It is at Nri, Anambra State. It will give you a great experience to take back. 

Promote it to your friends back home and on social media to attract tourism to Igbo Land.

I call on the administrators of the museum to have replicas of artifacts on hand to sell to visitors as a souvenir.

This museum needs a website to promote it. Philanthropists should liaise with the management to sponsor one. 

You can post your experiences in the comments any time you visit the museum. Contact us if you want photos of the trip published for other members of the Igbo Defender community to see.

Daalu nu.

Business Economy

Host Communities Condemn Anambra’s Continued Exclusion From 13% Oil Derivation Funds

A representative group that agitates for better resource control rights for oil producing communities in Nigeria, has decried the continued exclusion of Anambra State from oil derivation funds.

The group, Host Communities of Nigeria (Oil and Gas Producing Communities), Hostcom have demanded an explanation of the whereabouts of the crude oil drilled from the recently discovered wells in Anambra State.