Security Breach: US Should Consider Building Concrete Fence Round The White House

White House Fence
The current White House fence is see-through. People have been known to scale through, squeeze through, and even shoot through it.
White House Fence
A high concrete fence built around the White House will prevent people from shooting, squeezing or scaling through.

There was a serious security breach hours ago in the US White House when a man was shot trying to gain entrance into the premises. The man had been brandishing a gun before he was shot in the stomach by the Secret Service whose job is to guard the US President.

While President Obama was away in the US state of Maryland playing golf, Vice President Joe Biden was around and was quickly taken to a more secure area in the premises.

The would-be assailant, who was shot in the stomach, has been rushed to hospital.

Past attempts to enter the White House include one in which a toddler managed to squeeze himself past the gates before he was stopped.

The job of being President of the United States is one that attracts enemies like flies, because of the decisions the US President has to take that may affect the interests of many interest groups.

The Secret Service are trained to be so devoted to protecting the US President that they are very willing to throw themselves in front of the president to take a bullet meant for him. That is the height of professionalism and loyalty.

What the US Secret Service (SS) does for the US President is similar to what the SSS does for the President of Nigeria.

In a similar vein, I read earlier this week that someone was stopped trying to enter Buckingham Palace, home of the Queen of England (hope both incidents are not related). The UK should also build a concrete wall around Buckingham Palace.

One scary White House breach occurred in 2014, when a soldier who fought in Iraq, Omar Gonzalez jumped the fence and ran into the building before being stopped.

Also, in 2011 Oscar Ortega-Hernandez shot at the building. The shots could easily have hit anyone including US President Barack Obama. Perhaps, it is time the US Government builds a concrete fence around the White House, not the current see through fence.

With a concrete fence people wouldn’t be able to squeeze through, and shoot through. If it is high enough, they wouldn’t be able to scale through. A see-through fence might be good for purposes of tourism and show an image of transparency, but a concrete fence is good for purposes of security.

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

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