Protests Convulse Zimbabawe In First Election After Mugabe Ouster

Zimbabwe has just conducted its first election since freedom fighter Robert Mugabe was ousted in a coup.

And the aftermath has been marred with violence.

The ruling Zanu-PF won the parliamentary elections, the country’s electoral umpire announced.

But the opposition has rejected the results.

The MDC led opposition insists their candidate, Nelson Chamisa, has won the presidential election.

The electoral commission has not yet announced the results of the presidential election.

Opposition-led protests have rocked the country.

What Observers Said

The African Union praised the conduct of the elections.

It says that the polls “took place in a very peaceful environment” and “were highly competitive”.

It denied knowledge of serious irregularities in the polls.

Southern African Development Community  observers say the elections were free and fair.

But observers from Western nations see things differently.

They have complained of irregularities.

Analysts say what Zimbabwe needs now is stability and an end to sanctions. This would lead to economic recovery.

Politicians should put the needs of the people first in their quest for power.

Former President Mugabe did not play any significant role in the campaign of his party, ZANU-PF.

Zimbabwe must get its act together quickly.

If violence continues, it will increase the sad tales of its economy.

The winner of Zimbabwe’s  presidential election should borrow a leaf from Paul Kagame of Rwanda.

He has transformed Rwanda’s economy so much that business and political political leaders from the West and Asia flock there to do deals.

He has focused on creating jobs for his countrymen.

Kagame has made Rwanda a kind of Wakanda. Zimbabwe needs to follow suit.


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