Big Brother: Phyna’s Throne Shaking As Sheggz And Bella Try Surprise Takeover

While Phyna is on long trip away from her kingdom enforced by Big Brother, Sheggz and Bella have gone on a charm offensive. They are winning over many of Phyna’s supporters in a surprise charm offensive, even though Rachel and Chizzy are staying away.

Remember Bella and Sheggz lost half their kingdom to the last eviction where Biggie’s eviction axe decimated their camp, by enviting Eloswag, Chomzy and Doyin.

Phyna is on enforced stay at level 3 house, wanting to go back to her palace and kingdom. But Big Brother has not given the go ahead.

Eloswag and Doyin can come over to Phyna’s side. But I doubt if Chomzy who sees Phyna as the only reason she isn’t with Groovy, will drop her loyalty to Queen Bella.

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  1. Phyna’s problem is that Groovy is too soft. See how Shegzz and Bella are double-teaming her supporters in her absence but Groovy is just quiet instead of engaging Bella and Sheggz surporters too.

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