Pastor Accused Of Leading HIV Positive Man To His Death After Prayers

The family of a dead man has claimed that he died because he had faith that controversial South African based prophet, Pastor Alph Lukau’s prayer’s had led to his healing from HIV.

But, should the dead man have stopped taking his drugs? And should the Pastor not have told him to go take a medical test to confirm his healing?

After all, when Jesus healed people in the Bible, he would frequently send them to go to the chief priest to confirm the healing.

According to Nomthandazo Ndaba, her brother, Zakhele, stopped taking his HIV drugs after Pastor Alph Lukau prayed for him.

Ndaba said her late brother was a ‘staunch follower’ of Lukau’s Alleluia Ministries Church. He always attended the church’s services even when he was badly Ill.

According to her, two months before his death, the family got a visit from home-based care workers. They came to find out why Zakhele was no longer showing up at the clinic to collect his anti retroviral drugs.

They advised Zakhel to keep taking his drugs, but he staunchly refused. He kept insisting he had been cured.

But in December he died. He was only 34.

An online video shows Zakhele lying on a hospital bed with Pastor Lukau praying for him.

After the prayers, Zakhele starts walking around and a message appears on screen which reads: “He’s healed of TB, diabetes and HIV.”

But reacting, Alleluia Ministries International church’s spokesperson, Busi Gaca, issued a strong denial.

She said, “At no stage does Pastor Lukau tell the man he’s healed. “It’s rather his own testimony that he has received a miracle from God.”

God created the herbs used to manufacture the anti retroviral dugs Zakhele stopped taking. He created the medical brains that discovered the herbs could surpress HIV. So, it is not a sin to take drugs if one is sick.

People can combine it with prayer. God can even decide it is the drugs he wants to use to heal.

When God closed the mouth of the lions so they won’t eat the Biblical Daniel, it was not that Daniel jumped into the lion’s den to test God.

Rather, Daniel really needed God’s intervention after being thrown into it by his enemies.

Let us be mindful

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