Obobo Soup The Special Igbo Soup Awka People Use To Cement Marriages

Today we talk about obobo soup, which was used to cement marriages in Awka in times past.

How Obobo soup was prepared

No vegetables were used. No fish, no oil. The only ingredients used were:

  • Fowl
  • Salt, and
  • Pepper.

How obobo soup was used to cement marriages

After the soup was cooked, one fowl wing was put is a dish with some obobo soup. The plate was then taken to the groom’s people, together with some pounded yam.

The groom’s family then called the bride to join them in eating the meal.

After they eat this ceremonial meal with the bride (her first meal with her new family), the bride’s family took the leftover and ate, many among them taking at least a morsel of pounded yam with the soup.

This act of having a meal together was what sealed the marriage contract. By the time the communal meal was over, the young girl had become a new wife!

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

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