Oba as an originally Igbo title: Nri, the great Igbo kingdom has an Oba (we no tell you before?!)

We have been telling you that the title Oba has Igbo origin. It was first used by the Obatala royal family of the formerly Igbo town of Ile Ife in today’s Yorubaland.

This was before the coming of Oduduwa The Great, who has established the Yoruba race.

Remember that the book History Of The Igbo World tells the story of how the Obatala family left NRI to

settle at Ile Ife. O kowatara lu anyi etu ha si we hapu NRI we ga ebe ha kporo Ile Ife.

Today, we find that there is an Oba in NRI. As in Oba is a traditional title there.

The present Oba of NRI is Chief (Nze) Emelie Okika. He is the head of the Nze na Ozo class of chiefs in that all-important Igbo kingdom.

You might be asking yourself whether the Oba title if Nri has been there since ancient times or whether it is a revival of an ancient title. Trust us… Soon you will get an in-depth answer.

Meanwhile, God bless the Igbos. And God bless the Yorubas. Like England and France, they must have an entente cordial.

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

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