Nigerian town with 2 languages, one for males and one for females

Wonders shall never cease in our country Nigeria. Do you know that there is a town where the males speak a different language from the females and yet, they understand themselves perfectly? I’m talking about the town of Urbang, described as a small farming community situated in southern part of Nigeria.

Only in Nigeria… 

But there is disturbing news: This unique culture may vanish soon. This is because the younger ones are said not to be showing enough interest in using the languages. God forbid that the languages go extinxt. We dont know what we have in thos country. This place is supposed to be an international tourist magnet. But alas it isn’t. Why? The political class has over time made it difficult for Nigerian youth to secure gainful employment. If not, the youth would have the time, money and energy to promote their unique culture.

Differences in the male and female languages of the Urbang people include the words for yam.

While the females call yam “irui” while the males call it “itong”.

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