Justice For Adewale Adeyemo #slain Uniport Mechanical Graduate


He was so full of life when he went to work like the rest of us on 11th April, 2017. Energetic, jovial, vibrant, well schooled, professional in conduct and a product of the Unique University of Port Harcourt. Only recently transfered by his company to monitor and supervise some educational projects of the Rivers State Government in Ogoni land, when some indigenous contractors, jealous of his accomplishments, conspired with community youths to beat him up.

They snuffed life out of this promising young man who was only doing his job, to ensure their own children have befitting schools to learn and develop. He was beaten up, when he resumed at the worksite this fateful Tuesday Morning in April. He died. How barbaric!, How wicked!, How inhuman of the people in this Ogoni community to do such a thing?

We must seek justice for him. We must ask questions, we must speak out! It could be you tomorrow. It could be your son, your brother, your cousin, your nephew, your father, your church member, your colleague, your friend, oh for Christ sake, it could be anyone, but today let us all unite to see that the killers of Adewale Adeyemo are brought to justice…. #Justice4AdewaleAdeyemo

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