Igbos Are Seeds Of Progress That Yield Harvests Of Progress – Reno Omokri

In a recent article published on ThisDayLive.com, leader of thought Reno Omokri has blasted the trend of treating Igbos as unwanted. He described Igbos as ‘palm trees that show there is water in the desert’

He said,

Igbos are like palm trees in the desert. If you see palm trees, you know water is there.

If you see an Igbo in a town, you know progress is there. Not as if they go where progress is. They themselves are seed of progress that yield harvests of progress.

To have a proper understanding of what the Igbo have achieved, consider that every Igbo man, woman and child in Nigeria was reduced to £20 after the civil war in 1970.

But look at how far they have come since then. They turned adversity to prosperity.

No ethnic group are as Nigerian as the Igbo. An Igbo builds his family, his house and his businesses in whatever part of Nigeria he finds himself.

They do not exploit other regions. They expand other regions. It is a disservice to treat them as unwanted.

Instead of making Igbos feel unwelcome, leaders should welcome them. Anyone who thinks the Igbo really want to break away does not understand economics.

In 2003, Elrufai revealed Igbos own 73% of land in Abuja. Google it. That is commitment to Nigeria.

This idea that Igbo come to exploit other regions is unscientific. Igbos create value. They do not take value already created.

Example, by opening shops, Igbos create value by meeting a need. Without Igbo, the price of spare-parts in the North will be x4ce

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

Digital marketer and Marketing analyst