Igbo Formula For African Development 

Nigeria is the way it is because any nation that refuses to use its first eleven but insist on pushing mediocrity forward shall remain underdeveloped..
Igbo States have the highest cut off points for any level of education beginning from Primary Schools to University level.

In addition, Igbos have the highest number of graduates, Masters degree holders, Doctorate degree holders and also the highest number of professors. Literacy in Igboland is above 90%, peaking in Imo state with 96.4%.

Despite, these intimidating characteristics, Igbos are rarely found in positions of authority to turnaround Nigeria..

Igbos dominate list of Nigeria businessmen and industrialists. Igbos have 80% of registered businesses in Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission yet Igbo opinions are not sought on improving Nigeria economy as it plummets to all time low.

The only area where Nigerians often get it right is football. because of our foreign coaches meritocracy rides above mediocrity.

In the atmosphere that there are over 10,000 Nigeria internationals with about 80% of them as Igbo, it is natural that first team shirts go to mostly Igbo footballers. This policy of excellence has pivoted the Super Eagles to leadership position in Africa and admirable position in the world. Nigeria is made proud by great Igbo Footballers like Jay Jay Okocha, Kanu Nwankwo, Sunday Ogochukwu Oliseh, Christian Chukwu, Emmanuel Okala, Iheanacho, Mikel Obi to name a few.

The Igbo excellence was once again expressed when an Igbo dominated Super Eagles beat Cameroun 4-0 to the joy of all Nigerians at the US Stadium.

It is widely known, that if Igbos are courted in other areas of Nigeria life especially leadership and decision taking that Nigeria shall be pivoted to positions of international pride and acclaim. Many say that the Igbos are capable of reversing the debilitating effects of imperialism and restoring the lost glory of Africa.

Will Nigeria and indeed Africa clinch to the Igbo fast – track of national /continental development or should we continue in our negligence of the black Jews of the world?

Victor Wilberforce
is a critical thinker and a social engineer.

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