How To Increase Traffic To Your Blog By Submitting It To Facebook Free Internet Project With Airtel

If you are a Nigerian-based blogger who needs more traffic, then you need to read the article I linked to below. As you know, Airtel has started a partnership with Facebook called Facebook Free Basics that will bring internet free to people that use Airtel. 

As a sharp Nigerian blogger, you can use this free Facebook platform to increase your traffic. The article which tells you what you need to do (free) and then links you to the appropriate Facebook page to start says;

Content Publishers (bloggers) can really enjoy the benefit of that service because its like a source of open traffic to your blog, imagine getting an audience of 1,000 to 100,000 within a month, you can’t really predict how much audience you will get from Africa, Asia and Latin America that uses the facebook service for free.

If you own a website or blog you can just join the free basic platform by adding your app, blog to free basic platform which in turns provide people free internet access to visit your site and other relevant online content beneficial to them.

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