4 Ways To Gain Weight Quickly

So much has been written about how to lose weight. But some people actually have a hard time trying not too look thin and malnourished. But they don’t know what to do.

Well here are some proven tips you could use if your goal is to add some flesh.

  1. Eat a 4th square meal. Yes, eating 3 square meals is the conventional number of times we are told to eat. But for people who want to add weight, a fourth square meal will work wonders. I’ve seen it happen. For you, the weight gain might just begin where the 4th square meal starts.
  2. Reduce your trekking. If you are overweight and looking to burn some fat, trekking extensively can do the job for you very fast. ­Butcher if you have no spare flesh, even the little you have could get burnt off, if you trek regularly, leaving you looking like a cross between a scarecrow and a skeleton.
  3. Sleep a lot during the day: Many people sleep only at night. But if you want to add weight, consider adding a siesta to your daily regimen. When you sleep, your activity level reduces. And so does the amount of calories you burn.
  4. Cut the amount of sex you have: Sexual intercourse is a relatively vigorous exercise. That burns calories. When it is occurring at night, it means you are vigorously exercising when your body should be resting. If you are the type that does it 4 to 5 times every single night, pouring out your substance as if you are trying to empty it all from your body, little wonder if you are bony (please if you are a married person looking for child, disregard this last advice).
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