How Bad Roads Are Unindustrializing Aba And Why Private Sector Should Help Out

Those who know the massive potentials if the industrial centre called Aba would be sad reading the excerpt below from Carkeyng.

It tells a story of how bad roads is discouraging commerce and industrialization in Aba, a city that could easily become the Hong Kong of Africa. See more after the cut below:

The journey from PH to Aba is l smooth until you get to the border line between River state and Abia state. They said, you would think thats were satan lives.
According to some people; things were cheaper in Aba. But the Roads to Aba is like the biblical roads to heaven, so hard and narrow.

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My customer told me how the roads to Aba and inside Aba have frustrated business men like him out of Aba.
Some of us grew up to hear of ” Aba made “. A kind of substandard products made in Aba. That was before the emergence of “Made in China” Also a kind of substandard products from china.

The once strong city, Enyimba city has not received enough support from both the state and the federal government.
Aba used to be a trade zone for manner of items; leather shoes, rubber shoes, nylon products, plastic products, already made clothes, name it, Aba was the center of it all. Aba attracted people from neighboring countries and different parts of the country.
Aba went from hot to cold. From once a pride giant to now a sleeping giant.
Aba needs a bailout from the federal government. Nigeria can not survive only from agricultural produce. It is not enough to tell people to go back to farm, the government has to tell people also to go back to their shops. We have to make our shoes, our cloths, our toothpicks etc.
Currently President Trump is bailing banks in America.
The roads in and around should be fixed. The roads leading to Abs should be fixed. Their should be steady power supply to Aba. And security should be given priority in Aba.
Aba is a major industrial city. Comment: This is a SOS for Aba. All is not lost if the relevant authorities act to fix the roads. We call on philanthropists, NGOs and companies to play their part, no matter how insignificant it might seem. For there is a saying that brick by brick a house is built.

Let us be inspired by the story of the people of IMO State during the time of Sam Mbakwe: they each donated N100, and with that, built an international airport. Yes we can. We cannot allow problems to weigh us down.

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

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