How a man made his wife ‘the happiest woman on earth’

When your wife is happy with you, there will be more peace and happiness in the home. Sometimes we find ourselves asking: what do women want? Well, by listening to your wife talk about her needs and helping her solve them, you can make her happy and build up the love you to share or are supposed to enjoy in life.

Often, you may not even need to spend money, just some effort to show her you care. Here is how a man did it recently, and surely received the fruits of a happy wife, which may include sweeter food, and more enjoyment in ‘the other room’. Enjoy.

2 weeks ago I heard my betterhalf telling her colleague that she wont be able to attend their colleagues wedding as she have some of her personal clothes to wash after returning from the market since she prefers washing her church wears herself. I kept mute and pretended not to know what they were talking about.

When she left for market, I simply took the clothes behind the house and wash them all. When she came back she had to rush to were I was with my friends to hug and kiss me saying thank you for assisting her. I was just smiling like a newly married bride that missed her period with all joy.
Immidiately she left, one of my friends said,”bros, I think say na only me they help my wife wash sometimes”

The essence of these scenario is tell us (men) that our wife’s are meant to be appreciated and treated like Golds. Please ensure you make your wife feel like the best and most luckiest woman to have you.


Appreciate your wife today, and she will respond to you in passion.

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