Forget Football Talent Hunts, Sponsor Other Kinds Of Talent Hunts – TheWrita Advises Nigerian Companies

See what a Nairalander wrote about football talent hunts in Nigeria:

Football is saturated.
There are so many other sports talents you can look for as well.

There are also so many other talents you can find
Writing talent,singing talent,acting talent,spelling talents,athletic talents ,kids with high IQs,etc.

The Brain of the Nigerian child is in dire need of salvation.

But I bet you will go for the low hanging fruits.
Do you guys know the possibility of another ronaldo/messi rising up is almost 1 in 300million?

Why dont we focus on other sports?India is ruling in crickets now.They decided football is no their thing and created a niche for themselves.

Yeah yeah..I know you will scoff that nobody watches crickets but do you know how much they make from that sports?

Every game can grow.Rugby can have a following in Nigeria too.

Football reigns supreme yes,but we have not made our mark there.Why cant we make our mark elsewhere?
All these sponsorship programmes can be tailored to find another champion from another realm of sports/arts.

Is he right?

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

Digital marketer and Marketing analyst


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