Emir Sanusi’s daughter hints that her outspoken father may be pushed from the throne

The people need more gestures like this, expecially in this though period that is turning our billionaires into millionaires.

Ever since Emir Sanusi, the monarch of Kano criticized his fellow Northern elites, over the poverty rate in the North, he has come under fierceope and secret attack from many of them, who feel perhaps that he has betrayed his class.

From what his daughter, Princess Shahida said recently, the elite may even be making plans to strip him of his crown as King of Kano, the most populous city in Northern Nigeria. Representing her father at a Bring Back Our Girls event, Princess Shahida said,

“My father is not afraid of giving up his throne if it stands in the way of speaking the truth. I know that if my father has to choose between the throne and his conscience, he will happily give up the throne.

“He has already accomplished his ambition of succeeding his forefathers and frankly he is the same person I knew as the banker and central bank governor. As an emir, he has not changed and he will be the same person even as an ex-emir if it comes to that.

“When Mrs. Patience Jonathan called those of us in the North almajiris, we got angry, but come to think of it, is that not what we really are? We give birth to children and just abandon them. There are no schools for the poor. There are no hospitals for the poor.”

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