Be Yourself And Don’t Give Up

I asked a reader of Zikist Movement what life had thought her, and she said: Be yourself and don’t give up. When she began to elaborate, I realised that these two words of wisdom can make someone successful in 2017.

She told me that if one is doesnt give up, the person can achieve unlikely success, in spite of obstacles. But if the person relaxes, the person may lose the opportunity to bounce back. While some don’t have to struggle too much to achieve success, others have to really struggle to succeed.

I applied my mind to the words I was hearing and remembered a struggling person who managed to buy his first car. The car was stolen shortly after. This man from a poor home didnt give up, and today, he has replaced that car.

I also remembered a couple who struggled to get land and build a house on it. then the government seized the land, saying it was within a government owned area. The couple was crushed but they picked themselves up and began the struggle to buy new land. They eventually did, and now live in their own house. If they had given up, they would still be paying rent now.

So, whatever challenge you are faced with, even if you have lost every thing dont give up. Pick up the pieces and move on. That alone can attract success.

Let me close with another analogy. The Saudi Royal Family, the Sauds tried for centuries to create and lead a kingdom. The first Saudi state was Diriya, and that state was utterly destroyed by the enemies of the Saud family. They then struggled after a long time to form the independent state of Nejd, and that too was destroyed by their enemies, but they didn’t give up.

Now they have a country called Saudi Arabia that has even been named after them. So if you are in politics or business and you habe been losing, dont give up. Keep trying, and success may come knocking on your door. Remember our president, Buhari, who succeeded in becoming elected president after four tries.

Not every one is destined to get success easily. So e will get lasting success at their first try, while others have to keep trying before success can come to them. If you dont succeed, dont give up, be yourself and try again. Happy 2017.

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By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

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