World War 3 Danger? No-Nonsense Trump Threatens Nuclear-Armed Kim Jong Un

Donald Trump has sent out a strong tweeter warning to North Korean strongman Kim Jong Un that the he will not allow North Korea develop missiles that can carry Kim’s nukes to the US mainland. As you know, Trump himself is a strongman, so, I don’t know how that will play out when Trump becomes POTUS in a few weeks time.

This comes as Kim Jong Un said in a recent speech that developing Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM) that can hit the US is his top priority this year. According to CNN, his nuclear armed state is close to testing such a missile. This is seen as a move by Kim to test Donald Trump and see if he will shake. North Korea has already developed nuclear bombs but is very eager to develop the capacity to hit the US mainland with it through ICBM.

in an international arena where Trump foes are struggling to be on his right side before January 20 inauguration, Kim Jong Un is swimming in the opposite direction. Perhaps he has been emboldened by Trump’s earlier noises that Japan and South Korea should stop looking up to the US to protect them from Kim. But it’s one thing to threaten US allies in Asia, and quite another to threaten the US mainland itself.

Trump would never stand for that. While other strongmen like Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines and Erdogan of Turkey have changed their tune since Trump vanquished US Democratic Party Amazon Hillary Clinton, Kim is acting like he just doesn’t know Trump is the new kid on the block. Trump don’t take no prisoners. Kim Jung Un too. These are baddass guys whom you don’t wanna mess with on a good day.

Donald Trump became president elect by slaying such political giants as Jeb Bush of the warrior Bush dynasty, Hillary Clinton of the formidable Clinton dynasty, war hero John Mc Cain and other US political heavyweights with severe verbal violence.

Kim Jong On, on his part consolidated his power by executing his uncle, a hardened general with a surface-to-air missile daring to have ‘contrary thoughts’. Both leaders don’t like being disrespected. Hmm. Crude oil price may soon rise further.

Well, lets see. If both leaders continue sabber rattling, it may be Trump versus Kim soon after January 20. But I doubt if China would allow things get that far, because instability in the North Korean border has been one of their greatest nightmares, as scary to them as immigrants on the Turkish border are to the EU.

The question is how will China react? Will they armtwist Kim Jong Un (China has that influence) or will they join him to fight Trump’s US after Trump’s moves to align with Taiwan against their wishes? The last time China and the US fought over North Korea, it was a bloody draw. What will happen if Kim, Trump and the Chinese refuse to back down? The price of crude oil may rise, but someone may just get furious enough to press the nuclear button.

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