Anambra election: Nnamdi Kanu should become a godfather, call candidates for assessment, not boycott election

That Nnamdi KANU is a very influential figure in the South East is true. But that alone is not going to be enough to get a viable independent Biafra.

And according to Governor Wike of Rivers State, Kanu has not fully convinced the South South to join his Biafra struggle. And yet, it cannot be denied that KANU is a freedom fighter who has effectively set the agenda of Nigerian politics in recent times.

Rather than call for boycott of Anambra polls; KANU should call the governorship candidates to vie for his endorcement by listing develpmental projects they would implement if they should win. 

Alternatively, he should lobby or meet Governor Obiano, taking with him a list of developmental projects he wants the governor to implement on behalf of his supporters in Anambra State.

Candidates would be happy to get his endorcement and would compete for it. If he approaches Governor Obiano as a friend, I am sure he would not get a hostile reception.

That is how KANU can capitalize on his growing popularity. KANU should call off the boycott of the November polls in Anambra and call for candidates to present their manifestos for consideration of enforcement, while paying Governor Obiano an official visit to state the IPOB case for Ananbra’s development.

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