Ambode, time to enforce ban on Okada

Your Excellency, ever since you gave okada riders an ultimatum to stop using major expressways I and many Lagosians have been cheering you on. However, even after the ban has elapsed, these devilish riders keep driving against traffic in these expressways.

They keep knocking people down and the lucky victims escape with at least a painful injury. Your Excellency, it is time to act. The 4 anti one way va s you bought for the Lagos Police command, while we are grateful for that, we must say they are not adequate for the job at hand.
We ask you, our Able Governor to provide much more.

Also Sir, you need to monitor these vans to make sure they are used at all hours, especially in trou le hotspots like Ikeja Along bust stop on the Lagos Abeokuta Express Way. Sir, I hope you read this, or someone who can bring it to your notice does. Someone I know was knocked down by these useless criminals today, and it is so painful to me. Why drive one way and with speed? What kinds of animals are these. Their bikes should be seized.

One more thing, Sir. The military police should get some of these patrol vans because a large percentage of these violators are military personnel.

Yours Faithfully,
Concerned Lagosian

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