Always tell your people where you are going, and don’t go alone to some places

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Attention! Attention!! Attention! This is a True life story that happen in Oben community……

On the 17/5/2017 this woman in the disturbing photo was killed by alleged Fulani herdsmen in one of the wellhead in Oben community (wellhead 43/2) so she was call by the Fulani to come and buy meat unknown that their plans was to kill her so she went to meet them without telling anybody where she was going to,so after she left that day she didn’t come back home…..

So her children was so worried about their mom and the lady was killed already, and the body was tron into the pit outside the well,so 3 days later the family brought a native doctor to look for the missing lady….

The Dr told them that the lady is dead and her is inside the pit


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