5 Hot Amala Joints In Lagos You Must Visit A.S.A.P!

Amala is one of the most enjoyable foods of the people of Lagos, South Western Nigeria. Eaten with such soups as Ewedu, Gbegiri and Egusi, this food has become part of the identity of the people of Lagos. It is used in various occasions, from weddings to serious political discussions, and has endeared itself to many a visitor because of its inviting aroma and irresistible taste.

The city of Lagos has some very interesting restaurants that are known for making the very best amala possible to eat, and so we went to town to find out more. Below are 5 amala joints that any tourist must visit if he wants to get a real taste of Lagos. Enjoy:

  1. Amala Shitta at Shitta, Surulere Lagos is a buka that arguably everyone in Surulere, Lagos, feels a mythical connection with. That is because this popular joint has been serving hot plates of African dishes, especially amala for more than 50 years!

It was founded by Alhaja Afolabi Mariam in 1966, just 6 years after Nigeria’s independence, and has since been passed from its founder to her daughters. Residents of Surulere, both rich and old are known to throng this buka, jousting for a chance to buy a plate of hot tasty amala.

So cherished is this buka that Hon. Femi Gbajabiamilla, current House Majority Leader in Nigeria’s House of Representatives who grew up in Surulere, recently refurbished it.

And yet, it is not just the rich and mighty that frequent this citadel of delicacies. Young students have been known to save the money their parents give them for snacks, so that they can buy a plate of amala from the joint on their way home every day.

That they succeed in this task is not surprising, given that prices are kept affordable by the proprietors of the buka. For instance, a plate of amala sells for just N50 a wrap. So does a roll of cooked kpomo. For those with more money to spare, a meal with assorted goat meat or panla fish delicacies can go for between N300 and N500.

Amala Shitta sure knows how to care for the taste buds of the people of Surulere, Lagos and their visitors, who have become devoted patrons of the restaurant and its mouth watering dishes. One would not go wrong to pay the place a visit.

  1. White House, Yaba, Lagos is another hotspot for people who want to taste amala at its best. Located almost adjacent to SilverBird Cinemas on the way to Sabo Bus Stop, this joint is so popular, that one should not be surprised to see known movie stars who are only seen on television in the queue, waiting to order some soul satisfying food.

What is more, you can access this buka even in late hours of the day, as they seem determined to cater to the tastes of Nigerians at all hours of the day. Bankers, accountants and other business executives around always seem to look forward to eating there with a relish you wouldn’t understand, until you taste a plate of their meals.

They are also experts at making the best jollof rice meals which one could take with a cold drink.

  1. Beejay Amala: Located in Shop 1, New POWA market in MOPOL 20 Police Barracks, Ikeja, this joint has been a draw to people around who troop to the place each time they want to eat real good African food. A plate of hot amala and ewedu soup goes for about N300, depending on the type of meat or fish you want to accompany your food. Take these with a cold drink and you would have a good story to tell about good old African food.


  1. Amala Dot Com: Amala Dot Com or Amala.com is located in the popular Oniru Beach Entrance, in Oniru Chieftaincy Estate, Eti Osa, Lagos. It is reputed by tourists and locals there for its excellent African dishes that leave the taste buds screaming for more.

Luckily for those who are not able to get there, Amala Dot Com can be contacted on 07035047911, for delivery of ravishing African meals to your office or hotel room.


  1. Topshot Amala, Parkview is where the rich amala gourmets in the luxury Parkview Estate area of Lagos go to for their fill of amala. The price of a plate of the amala at Topshot, as the name indicates, is for high networth individuals. But for the devotees of this joint, the taste is definitely worth the price tag.

There are bukas all over Lagos selling the ubiquitous amala meal. But to get an unforgettable taste of amala, you had better visit at least one of the 5 Lagos bukas reviewed as soon as possible.



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