TO NNAMDI KANU:It Is Not A Sin If Governor Rochas Okorocha’s Parents Are Not Igbo

In the link above, Nnamdi KANU seems to be insinuating that Governor Rochas Okorocha is not Igbo, simply but from Jos in the North.

That is very unfair to Okorocha, to Igbos whose mum are not Igbo, to Igbo ladies who marry outside Igbo Land and to the good people of the North Central whom KANU seems to have been courting of recent.

If you want to criticize in politics, don’t do it on the basis of origin, but on the basis of character and ideology.

This is why I have always known Buhari will recover- Tam David West

The interview linked to above is a long but very informative. Close to the end, David West drops a bombshell about President Buhari’s health that will make you smarter in reading political situations in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, some things may be hidden from the great majority by the cabal, but if you read the link, you see why David West didn’t fall into the embarrassing situation Fayoae fell into, where he claimed Buhari was on life support when he actually wasn’t on life support.

Photo: Peter Okoye of PSquare gets Guinean citizenship?

PSquare’s Peter Okoye was spotted with the President of Guinea, Alpha Conde.
Given that he recently threatened to quit Nigerian citizenship, we have to ask: was he negotiating Guinean citizenship with President Conde? 

Please, study the photo and tell us what you think the Igbo man was negotiating with the Guinean Head of State.


Nnamdi KANU, Don’t Storm Lagos

Nnandi KANU, storming Lagos is not necessary. Many Igbos in Lagos don’t want Nnamdi KANU to storm Lagos. Igbos in Lagos don’t want unnecesary controversy.

Not all Igbos are members of IPOB. Why does he want to come now!? What does he want to prove!?