White Babies Born To Black Igbo Parents Are Descendants Of Eri

In terms of complexion, you have 3 types of Igbos, the dark-skinned Igbos ( Nubian- Egyptian and other Black genes; light skinned Igbos largely as a result of the union between Eri Ben Gad’s household and the households of Nubian chieftains; and what we call the Signs of Eri in Igbodefender.com- that is white Igbos born to black Igbo parents. This is possible because the Igbos are an inter racial ethnic group founded between Eri Ben Gad and Nubian chieftains in Ancient Egypt.

Till now, Western doctors and scientists have not been able to explain the phenomenon, but Igbo historians have the answer. Buy this book  https://www.amazon.com/History-Igbo-World-Ancient-Civilization-ebook/dp/B01K4AIUO8 by the Igbo historian Prince Charles Offokaja to find out more facts about these Signs of Eri.

See Signs of Eri, otherwise known as white children born to black Igbo parents and confirmed to belong to the husband by DNA tests (lol at those who don’t believe the Judeo-Nubian origin of Igbos).

See links to some signs of Eri below:


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