Establish Consulate In Anambra; Our Universities Now Teach Mandarin – Obiano tells China

I agree with Gov Obiano: Anambra, Igbo Land needs a Chinese Consulate. That way , Onitsha traders won’t need to travel out of Igbo Land to get China visa. Kudos to the Obiano Administration for introducing the teaching of Chinese language (Mandarin) in Anambra State University.

The Igbo towns that don’t kill pythons

It is forbidden to kill pythons or “eke” in the towns in Idemmili North Local Government Area and Idemmili South Local Government Area, Anambra State, Igbo Land, Nigeria. This is due to the fact that pythons are traditionally considered to be sacred in those areas.  If you kill a python in Idemmili, you will beContinue reading “The Igbo towns that don’t kill pythons”