Doctor Onwude Creates ‘Digital Drug’ Zemedy

Dr Jossy Onwude and Ms. Elena Mustatea have created an app that treats people suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). The name of the App is Zemedy. It is so successful that they play plan to create more Apps to cure more sick people. The first solution the team built which has launched in the… Continue reading Doctor Onwude Creates ‘Digital Drug’ Zemedy

Does Nike still support FuelBand?

Although Nike clearly claimed in 2015 that it would continue to support FuelBands with the app after ending their production, Nike gave its FuelBand customers just two weeks notice in 2018 before permanently making their FuelBands inoperable. This was due to inability to clear their memory.

9 Igbo Tech Students Now Worth Billions Of Dollars – Silicon Valley

These young Igbo tech students are rising stars that have shaken the world, showing what Nigeria can contribute to the world if they give Igbos a chance…