Haitian Afro Americans

Chicago Was Founded By A Haitian Afro American

Yes. His name was Jean Baptiste DuSable. Watch the video to see the people of Chicago honour this Haitian.

The screenshot you see hear is the spot where he built his house in what is now known as Chicago. Click to learn more.

I am so happy posting this!

Celebrities Entertainment Video

Music Video: ‘Trophy Girl’ By Ireland-based Hip Hop star 🌟 Jordan Adetunji

Jordan Adetubji became the first ever hip-hop act to play at the NI Music Prize in 2019. Learn more and listen to his music.

Commentary Igbo Language

‘An average Igbo man can’t count from 1-100 in his language’

An average Igbo man can’t count from 1-100 in his language. It’s not that this is a criteria but the igbos have truly lost it on this one.


bulu eziokwu, Ọkwa nu ihe ifele! Kedu nu ihe anyi ga eme?

Culture Video

Ogene Diplomacy: Igbo Student Teaches Enthusiastic Russians How To Dance To Ogene Music

Mazi Tochiphotos, the student wrote:

Hello guys, this is Tochiphotos and today I made a video to teach some students from my University in Russia how to dance egwu ogene and also how to speak a little Igbo.

Ogene is a Music is instrument used in making traditional Igbo music for the Indigenous Igbo People of South Eastern Nigeria. It is an important part of our culture and that’s I decided to introduce Russians to the beautiful sound of ogene and also, the rhythmic and energetic way our people gyrate and dance to ogene.

Apart from dancing Ogene, the Russian girls in the video can also be heard speaking Igbo.

Individual efforts like this can help Igbo language become more international.

Well done, Tochiphotos. D’eme!

Culture History

Is this 19th century European description of the Eboes (Igbos) right?

We just stumbled upon a description of the Eboes (Igbos) by a European, Adolphe Burdo in the 1800s.

“…it was here that I first saw copper-coloured negroes who are found everywhere in Ebo; they are fine men, well-grown and carry their heads proudly; they nearly all have blue eyes. They talk a great deal, and speak loud and fast. When they are negotiating any business one would imagine them to be quarreling and that there is going to be a fight. They are a dangerous race, ferocious, and easily carried away to the most violent extremes…” – Niger and the Benue: Travels in Central Africa by Adolphe Burdo published in 1880 page 126.

Would you day Adophe Burdow’s right or wrong in this description?

Note that ‘Ebo’ here is a corruption of the original word Igbo.