Our Reply To Macof On Our Obatala Towns Post On Nairaland

Macof has made the following comment on Nairaland in our post on Obatala towns of Igbo Land and Yoruba Land: While it’s true that Yoruba and Igbo share common  origin, that history is not what you are posting here

Yoruba and Igbo connection goes way back, older than the events of the Obatala and oduduwa period.
Every town descendants of Obatala founded are on record, even more clarity exists in this case than that of towns founded by descendants of Oduduwa.

This is the reply we will give him:

What will you say about the town of Oguta in Imo State that has an Owu Festival like other Owu towns in today’s Yoruba Land, aongst other similar features like the Osere and Iyasare titles (Ugbo Ilaje people call their own Yasara). The Oguta even believe that they came from somewhere West ofthe Niger.

According to Yoruba history, Oduduwa reconciled with Obatala and to seal that reconciliation, he gave out his first daughter, Princess Okanbi Iyunade to Obatala, the Osere Igbo and Oba Igbo. Now the first Owu, Ajibosin was being carried as a kid by Obatala, when he reached out and started crying for his father’s crown. The father made him a king right there (ask and it shall be given unto you).

All Owu settlements celebrate this annual Owu Festival include many in Igbo Land. And all these Owu towns are, whether we like it or not, Obatala towns. If not, why would they be celebrating Owu Festival?

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

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