Mass Killing Of 3 Million Igbos Seen By Some As An Achievement!

A Nairalander named Lord articulated the shocking hatred faced by the Igbos in Nigeria clearly when he typed,

It is deeply revolting that a letter from the Arewa groups would call the killing 3 million Igbos ( during the Nigeria-Biafra War, under the watchful eyes of Britain) a ‘lesson to Igbos.’ That the Northerners do not see a pogrom that killed 2 million people as excessive, unwarranted, and unjust, even after 50 years speak volumes. Whenever the East talk about marginalization and secession calls, instead of a conciliatory “we’d do better” tone, you’d hear a “it seems you want another pogrom” tone.

It is the view of many Nigerians that the Igbos should be treated badly and not be allowed to rear their heads to shine or express themselves. Some cannibalistic sounding people even type online about how Igbos would be slaughtered and used for suya ( roasted meat) if they do this or don’t do that.

They expect Igbos to remain beaten and subdued since they lost the Nigerian Civil War, where they fought against nit just Nigeria, but practically the world powers, including capitalist Britain and communist USSR.

But like the Germans and the Japanese, the Igbos cannot be subdued, whether they win or lose a war. They keep striding forth to succeed in life. Today, Igbos are great entrepreneurs creating billion dollar stuff like the Nollywood film industry ( Number 3 in the world), and Chinedu Echeruo’s app which he sold to Apple for $2 billion. That is how it will continue to be. Anyone who expects Igbos to bury their heads in shame for fighting for their human rights is on a long thing (apologies to Dbanj).

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

Digital marketer and Marketing analyst