Igbos: The Darkskinned ‘Foreign’ Investors Developing Nigerian Towns

The truth is that Igbos are really ‘foreign’ investors that invest in other parts of Nigeria. If South Africa brings in Shoprite, Igbos bring in Alaba Market and Chinese bring in China Town to your locality, Bros, that is development. okay, because we don’t look white abi? You see your life?

Shebi a foreign investor is any non-indigene who comes to your town and invests to build companies? Er you are! You see say OmoIgbos are big businessmen like the Lebanese, the Indians, the Chinese, the British, only they are from your country? Et you are! A prophet is not known in his country. Igbo eyaf suffer too much.

That investment by that Nna Bros is a lot of corporate/personal income tax coming into your town’s/state’s economy. If you do your IGR calculations well, you go chop wella and develop your economy from these taxes.

Just don’t snub Igbo ‘foreign’ investors investing in your town and developing its economy. That is rude.

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

Digital marketer and Marketing analyst