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Just saw the entry below in Nairaland and thought I should share. Killiwe Nwachukwu is/was a legendary Igbo figure rumored to have had the power to carry bags of cement with his bare teeth (don’t try that at home. I don’t care if you want to trend. Lol).

His exploits were written about in Igbo textbooks. But how did he get the name Kiliwe in the first place?

This entry below by eespunge caught our attention and we decided to share. Enjoy.

It’s real. He was a superman who was going from place to place to perform. People paid to watch him.

I saw him perform at our primary school in those days. I think his real name was Nwozuzu Nwachukwu (or something like that).

I heard that “Killi We” was a nickname he got after a fight with a certain man.

Story has it that the man refused to pay him for his services as a truck pusher. Nwachukwu carried the man’s goods from either the market or bus stop (I can’t really say) to the man’s house.

After dropping off the goods, the man refused to pay claiming the charge was too high. He tried to walk away and Nwachukwu grabbed him by the hand insisting he must pay.

A fight ensued and he pinned the man to the ground. The man’s wife came with a wooden pestle to assist her husband. Nwachukwu snatched it from her, lifted the woman up and pinned her on top of her husband on the floor.

Powerless, she started screaming, “Killi We Nwachukwu, Killi we Nwachukwu” meaning, ‘Nwachukwu, Kill us’

Lol. Does any one have any other stories of this legend? Tell us in the comments.

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Update: … Posted a picture of him effortlessly carrying about 6 fully grown adults. And that’s the feature image that you see on this post. Photo: Dikachiii

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