How Feasible Is Trump’s Threat To Destroy Iran?

US President Donald Trump has threatened to destroy Iran if it ‘threatens the US again’.

Does he mean he will fire a nuclear bomb at Iran? I don’t think he can do that, because of the political fallout such an action will bring on.

Israel, Saudi, Turkey Won’t

Support It

Countries in the region, including Israel and Saudi Arabia, wouldn’t want radioactive dust near their shores.

Turkey’s Erdogan would turn his verbal missiles on Trump in a way he hasn’t done before. He might even close down the strategic Turkey-based US airbase in protest, bringing in uncertainty in US geopolitical calculations.

Does Trump want to Balkanize Iran Instead?

Is Trump trying to break up Iran into several countries? Iran has had 8000 years of civilization. So, it will be difficult to break up such a country.

If you look at Iran, it is highly united culturally. So fanning the embers of separatism is likely to fail as things currently look.

But where Trump is likely to cause real trouble if he really wanted to is in the area of regime change. He could seek to cripple the current regime.

But then again, that would not be easy. The regime has survived for 80 years now.

I guess Trump’s real option is containing the regime, not changing it.

Using War To Win Peace

Something tells me Trump is using the same playbook he used to try get Kim Jong Un to the initial US-North Korea summit. In order words, Trump makes war just before asking for peace.

Remember Trump’s chilling threats against Kim Jong In before they had a historic meeting? Are we about to see a similar summit held between Trump and Iran’s president?

One thing is certain, oil prices might be set to rise. That would bring respite for Venezuela’s Maduro. Maduro’s country, Venezuela has been faced with an economic war from Trump.

We’ll see.

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

Digital marketer and Marketing analyst