Falgore Should Compete With Obudu Cattle Ranch

I would like to see Falgore developed like Obudu Cattle Ranch; a famous place where herdsmen would provide cowboy- like entertainment and fresh dairy products for tourists. That would add great fame for the herdsmen and help our economy in the areas of agro-tourism. It would also help Obudu sit up, having a strong competitor.… Continue reading Falgore Should Compete With Obudu Cattle Ranch

Happy Posthumous Birthday Zik Of Africa

Today marks yet another great day, as we celebrate another post humous birthday of our icon, Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, the Zik of Africa, who was a great Igbo, Nigerian and Pan African leader. Zikist Movement calls on the Federal Government of Nigeria to speedily build up Zik’s masoleum in Onitsha, as that is one way… Continue reading Happy Posthumous Birthday Zik Of Africa

Zikism: Nigeria and Risorgimento

By Obi Nwakanma It does seem clear to many of us who still have, and are guided by a sense of history that Nigeria derailed from its historical course, and drifts, when it abandoned Zikist ideology as its foundational myth. Much of Nigeria’s history, particularly since the civil war, has been shaped by a cynical… Continue reading Zikism: Nigeria and Risorgimento

The New Zikist Movement

By Obi Nwakanma,Vanguard Newspapers On February 28, I was a guest speaker at the Anambra State Association Black History month symposium on Nnamdi Azikiwe in Dallas. It was an apt and proper celebration of the life of Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, a true giant of the 20th century. In choosing to celebrate Azikiwe’s contribution, it struck… Continue reading The New Zikist Movement

Why The Zikists Were Tried And Convicted

Shortly after the 1945 nationwide general strike in the country, some enthusiastic youths emerged as radicals to confront the colonial government. The men, who were leaders of the Zikist Movement, were tried by a Lagos High Court, and a number of them were jailed. FRANCIS FAMOROTI, Head, Judiciary writes. The ‘’Zikists Movement’’ was originally conceived… Continue reading Why The Zikists Were Tried And Convicted