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CAC Reduces Cost Of Business Registration In Nigeria By 50%

Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) has announced a 50% reduction in the cost of registering businesses in Nigeria. 

The Cable quotes  Bello Mahmud, Registrar-General, CAC, as saying, “We have reduced the cost of registering a business by 50 percent. You don’t need a lawyer to register your business for you anymore. You can ‎now do it yourself. The process is easy now”.

‎”You can now register your business anywhere at our offices in Lagos, Kano and Enugu.”

The Zikist Movement congratulates the CAC for this business-friendly policy. But we also ask that the CAC drastically reduces the time used to register businesses. 

The current time, is officially supposed to be for about 2 weeks, but can sometimes drag on for months. And entrepreneurs sometimes feel (wrongly) that the delay is because ‘CAC doesn’t want to register them’.

Once again, congrats CAC for the cost cutting move. Dear Zikist, please spread the word about this good news, as it can help us build up our country’s economy.

News Article Helps Buhari-Osinbajo And Innoson Lure $1 Billion Investment To Nigeria

On April 1, I wrote on this blog that during his foreign trips President Buhari should see himself as Nigeria’s Salesman-In-Chief, and should carry Innoson and other local companies along on such trips to sign deals.

I frowned at  the traditional restriction of foreign trips by Nigerian presidents to sourcing for foreign investment, and argued that President Buhari should also use such trips to get deals for Nigerian companies, and I listed my reasons for that arguement. See the article below:

Buhari Becoming Nigeria’s Salesman-In-Chief

The job of a salesman is to go out, meet people for the purpose of getting orders for the organization’s goods and services. Just read that EU may soon begin to allow the import of our beans into its territory.

That is great, and since it is likely as a result of President Buhari’s networking abroad (I can remember his recent trip to the EU Parliament), that shows that he is really working to sell Nigeria in his foreign trips.I remember writing recently that Buhari should become chief salesman for Nigeria’s indigenous car manufacturer, Innoson abroad, the way other industrial-nation presidents market their country’s products on foreign trips.

Zikism And The Zikist Movement

Zikism: Nigeria and Risorgimento

By Obi Nwakanma

It does seem clear to many of us who still have, and are guided by a sense of history that Nigeria derailed from its historical course, and drifts, when it abandoned Zikist ideology as its foundational myth. Much of Nigeria’s history, particularly since the civil war, has been shaped by a cynical disregard and disinterest in nation-building.

The rise and triumph of the ethnic and regionalist tendencies in Nigeria from 1967 has spiraled into its current headache, bred and led by her sons of Anarchy. But Zikism provides Nigeria an alternative to national miasma, and on the strength Azikiwe’s renascent and humanist philosophy many of us believe in the imperative of a Nigerian Risorgimento.

It is in Nigeria’s interest. Late Dr. Nnamdi-Azikiwe It is in the interest of the future generation.

It is in the highest interest of black people on this earth, that one of its potentially greatest nations with its agglomeration of peoples survive in strength to offer refuge to her children.

Politics Zikism And The Zikist Movement

The New Zikist Movement

By Obi Nwakanma,Vanguard Newspapers

On February 28, I was a guest speaker at the Anambra State Association Black History month symposium on Nnamdi Azikiwe in Dallas. It was an apt and proper celebration of the life of Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, a true giant of the 20th century.
In choosing to celebrate Azikiwe’s contribution, it struck me that the leadership of the Anambra state Association in the Dallas/Forth Worth area had a fine sense of history. This much I told Nnaerika Okonkwo, nuclear reactor inspector – whose father, the legendary Okonkwo Kano, was a formidable Zikist himself.

Politics Zikism And The Zikist Movement

Why The Zikists Were Tried And Convicted

Shortly after the 1945 nationwide general strike in the country, some enthusiastic youths emerged as radicals to confront the colonial government. The men, who were leaders of the Zikist Movement, were tried by a Lagos High Court, and a number of them were jailed. FRANCIS FAMOROTI, Head, Judiciary writes.

The ‘’Zikists Movement’’ was originally conceived in 1945 by four employees of the ‘’Nigerian Advocate ‘’ in Lagos, namely M.C.K Ajuluchukwu, Abiodun Aloba, Kolawole Balogun and Nduka Eze.