Brass LNG Project Will End Militancy Permanently, Say Bayelsa Elders 

Elders and traditional rul­ers of Bayelsa East Sena­torial District of Bayelsa State have said that the permanent solution to end sea piracy, kidnapping and new militancy in the region is the take-off of the Brass Liquefied Natural Gas Project (Brass LNG).

The elders, made up of two local government councils of Brass and Nembe, said although the local and state governments have done much in the area of providing employment, initi­ating security and peace along the waterways and creeks of the state and the region, the delay in the takeoff of the Brass LNG project has left many youths jobless, restive and involved in the renewed violence in the re­gion.

Source: Oya, FG, shei you have head from the elder’s mouth and we all want millitancy to stop. Oya, redouble ya efforts to make Brass LNG work asap. If necessary. create a task force and give them a deadline.

Seriously, the elders have a point, because if the 16 thousand youths they are asking to be absorbed by the project are given meaninful employment, that is 16000 youths using their energy for productive efforts. FG should listen to these elders.

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