Bloggers Come And See 4 Reasons People Read Blogs

If you are a blogger, its important to know the motivations of your audience. That knowledge can help you better shape your content to suit them.

The more you know, about what drives your blogs audience (and all blog audiences), the better you can give them what they want.

That’s why Facebook is a $200 billion business, isn’t it? They really try to do their homework in this department (appart from Cambridge Analyitca et al, that is).

Socrates said ‘know yourself and know all things’. I could add ‘know your readers motives and know ‘all things’ about blog traffic. Lol. But seriously: Find below 4 reasons people read in no certain order, according to a recent audience research of US readers:

  1. For Pleasure: In the US, women (84%) are more likely than men (75%) to cite this motive.
  2. To Keep Up With Current Events: 78% say they read at least occasionally to keep up with current events. Those over age 30 are more likely than those 16-30 to say they read for this reason.
  3. Reaearch On Topics Of Interest: 74% say they read at least occasionally in order to do research on specific topics that interest them. Those under age 65 are more likely to cite this reason, compared with seniors. This is partly tied to the fact that proportionally fewer senior citizens are in the workforce. Parents with minor children (80%) are more likely than non-parents (72%) to say this is a reason they read.
  4. Work/School Related Research: 56% say they read at least occasionally for work or school.

Do you know of other reasons? Is there audience research from your country showing different results? Please let us know in the comments.

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

Digital marketer and Marketing analyst


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