Indians In Madagascar Make Up 1% Of Population But Control 50% Of Economy

Indians are the market dominant minority of Madagascar. They control most of the Madagascar’s commerce. They remind me of the Igbos of Nigeria, who control most of Nigeria’s commerce. Or the Chinese minority in Malaysia who control Malaysia’s commerce.

But in the case if the Igbos, they are a majority. In every Nigerian state outside Igbo Land, after the indigenes, the other major population are the Igbos.

Market dominant groups like the Igbos in Nigeria and the Indians in Madagascar have to actively invest in philanthropy, to create goodwill.

This is because it has been proven that such economic status breeds a lot of resentment among others, rightly or wrongly.

Read more about how the Indians came to become Madagascar’s market dominant group here.

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Why Igbos Thrive Anywhere They Find Themselves – Reno Omokri

Igbos only think they are being marginalised. If only they knew! God is using the marginalisation of Igbos for His purpose.

I met an Igbo mayor of a major American city. Many Igbo are mayors/MPs in Europe.
An Igbo is being considered as a future British PM.

An Igbo man is the current President of the ICC.
An Igbo woman is currently a Deputy Governor at the World Bank and had twice been considered for the Governor of W.B (but racism scuttled the mandate).

Although the Igbos encounter a lot in this country and are demeaned in every way, yet, like the Jews, the more you marginalise Igbos locally, the more they leave to thrive globally.

It is the destiny of the Igbo race to restore the fortunes of the Black Race worldwide hence their thriving anywhere they find themselves. Their crucifixion is meant to prepare them for their benediction.

Another Igbo man made Senator in Italy.

Reno Omokri

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What Are The Igbos Known For?

Igbos are known for their enterprising spirit. For instance, an American Ted Talk speaker Robert Neuwirth has called the Igbo apprenticeship system the world’s largest business incubator. Continue reading in link below:


Igbos in Benue cry out over attacks

In a press briefing in Enugu, on Monday, Nnolim said that all efforts to get the security agencies and the Benue state government to address the matter have fallen on deaf ears. Read more in link below:

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